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Yule Votive Candle [ 3 pack ]

Yule Votive Candle [ 3 pack ]
Product Code: 00002
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Price: $8.50

A rich blend of essential oils guaranteed to make you think of warm fires, twinkling lights and snowy moonlit forests. Our Candles are poured on the correct moon phase using pure essential oils and a little bit of magic to enhance your Sabbat.


Votives weigh 2 oz and will burn 10 to 12 hours approx.

We prefer to use Paraffin wax in our candles as it is the most efficient burning and environmentaly friendly option. Paraffin is the remaining 10% left over from the refining of Gasoline, as long as we drive cars we have a supply of paraffin. Sox wax is refined using a chemical called "Hexane" a known carcinogen that  has also been linked to birth defects and the increased use of palm in both oils and waxes has resulted in the destruction of much of the old growth rain forests around the world.

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